About our Medical Center

Our Markham clinic is the only one that offers "Whole Body TCM Care™" using all-natural herbal treatments, in a program specially designed by Alan Chen. Whole Body TCM Care™ is unique in that it uses traditional TCM diagnostic methods combined with modern pharmacological compounding methods (easy-to-take pills or capsules, no complex teas to brew) to achieve fast and observable results. For example, using the principles of TCM, Alan Chen can diagnose a patient simply by checking face color and pulse, without the need to ask direct questions or run complicated tests. Alan is also able to determine "body type" for each patient, and design a custom program of TCM herbal care tailored to each patient's type. It is this specific tailoring of the remedy to the disease that significantly reduces the likelihood of recurrence or relapse. Alan's motto is, the best way to assess the skill of the practitioner is to determine the effectiveness of the treatment on the patient. A good practitioner should be able to produce observable results in less than 1 week, he says.


Our Markham clinic can provide care for a wide variety of complaints including but not limited to Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Impotence, Low energy, Gallbladder stones, Kidney stones, Prolapse of Uterus, Fatty Liver, High cholesterol, Depression, Digestive ills, Acid Reflux, High blood pressure -- all with Guaranteed Results. Alan is especially proud of the fact that his Whole Body TCM Care™  can also treat combinations of these conditions, such as for example, Diabetes with high blood pressure, Diabetes with heart disease, and High Cholesterol with high blood pressure. Often, Alan has found, the "key" to treating multiple conditions is to look for closely at the patient's lifestyle and make adjustments. For example, many people with high blood pressure are easily prone to anger. TCM medicine teaches us that too much heat in the liver is one of the causes of high blood pressure, so we use herbs with "cold properties" to reduce the heat in the liver. Typically, in such a case, the patient’s blood pressure will come down, and the patient will be less prone to outbursts of anger following a course of treatment.