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We offer an extensive list of treatment services for various health issues. Please peruse the menu and choose a category that fits your needs.


Unique herbal formulation stimulates the pancreas and the spleen, improving the body's ability to produce hormones, especially insulin. Results you can see usually in a matter of weeks! Too much refined sugar in the western diet, along with daily stresses that tax the adrenals, has created a near-epidemic of individuals who either suffer from the clinical condition or, in the alternative, are considered "pre-diabetic." This formulation stimulates both spleen and pancreas which, in turn, allows the body to expel excess sugar collected over long periods; and more properly handle new intakes. Also exhibits a strong "detox effect" similar to certain external chelation procedures.

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In China it is well-understood that certain genetic tendencies, as well as key life experiences, such as pregnancy, can deplete kidney energies. If these conditions are not correctly treated at the time, the problem of low kidney function can become chronic. This formulation is based on the original TCM recipe to replenish kidney function and rebalance glandular function. TCM teaches us that kidney function is vital for good health! Increases vitality to the kidneys. Good results recorded in cases of anemia, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, hair loss, sleepless nights, frequent urination, and diminished concentration.

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90% of all heart problems are a result of years of bad diet combined with poor lifestyle choices. Stress only aggravates already existing problems. Unable to get rid of toxins properly, the body attaches them to the walls of the arteries, causing high pressure and blockages. This formula works naturally, works with the body, to aid in cleaning the arteries and reversing years of damage.

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According to TCM, the reason why patients show symptoms of Fatty Liver is because they have really bad diets, including junk food, too much meat, especially fat meat, or sea food, and spicy food...

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The reason that patients get high cholesterol is there are too many poor diet choices, such as junk food, high cholesterol food, not enough exercise, and too much sea food.

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According to TCM, weight and obesity problems are related to excess water in the body! The water must leave before weight and metabolism can normalize. Deals with the cause, not the symptom. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that individuals with excess weight usually have a form of water retention which prevents the elimination organs, especially spleen and kidney, from proper food assimilation. Low urine output would be an indication of this condition. The problem must be corrected before any other approach -- even dieting! -- can show proper effect. Changes the core condition of the system, allows the body to expel excess water and rebalance the hormonal function.


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Patients who are get Gallbladder Stones are eating too much cold or hot food; also junk food, plus they don't do much exercise and get emotional very easily...


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The reason men become impotent is that their kidney chi and energy are very low, because either their parents had poor kidney energy, or they had too much sexual activity when they were young...


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Most women get prolapse of Uterus after childbirth. TCM suggests that birth will take a great deal of energy and blood from the mother, and in western culture women don't know the proper procedure to restore that energy...

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Western medicine treats constipation like a blocked mine-shaft and then uses dynamite (laxatives) to open the shaft. TCM sees the condition as too much heat in the body, imbalanced spleen and kidney, blocked chi flows. This is why constipation makes you feel angry and excitable. Works naturally to solve the problem at the root.

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Western medicine treats Depression as a chemical imbalance in the brain. TCM sees this as a meridian imbalance involving heart and kidneys. Chi is blocked, chi is unhealthy. Balance the chi, balance the meridians, and the problem resolves itself.

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Finally, an all-natural formulation for Crohn's Disease, and Colitis. Controls and reduces inflammation, which, in turn, reduces time at the toilet, and allows the tissues to heal themselves. Over time the damage to the tissue and corresponding irregularities will be seen to return to normal.

Initial results are usually seen within a week, with greater overall fortitude, reduction of symptoms, as well as diminished bacterial and fungal load. At the six month interval much greater improvement is usually apparent, with corresponding boost in immune response and general activity levels. Especially serious cases may require a longer treatment time.

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People who have high blood pressure have too much "heat" in the body, and they are prone to anger and rage...

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Hair loss is much related to kidney function; patients who lose hair easily are usually women after childbirth, or individuals over age 40-50...

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Deals with problems like acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, and poor appetite by increasing the vitality of the digestive system, and enabling the body to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissue. Where herbal preparations that target conditions like Acid Reflux and Ulcers usually offer a short-term solution only - such as temporary antacid relief - this formulation is intended to actually rebuild and recondition delicate tissues in the digestive system, offering a long-term improvement.

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