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Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is an alternative medical practice drawn from traditional medicine in China. It is considered the great-grandfather of all holistic systems, and treats the body as a working “whole,” rather than a series of disparate parts. There is considerable irony in the fact that, while western medicine insists the basis of healing should be “proven” techniques,  TCM  itself represents literally the culmination of thousands of years of combined therapy and practice. In fact, in China it is not unusual for techniques and formulations to be passed down through the same family, generationally, for centuries. TCM diagnosis includes both studying the body, and taking pulses at specific points on the body. The goal is to rebalance the Vital Energy flow, or Chi. Imbalanced Chi is considered the cause of virtually all imbalance or “dis-ease.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner In Toronto

The TCM practitioner has a wide assortment of tools and techniques to use, including but not limited to natural herbs, acupuncture, physical therapy, diet, and other energy-based therapies. A diagnosis is confirmed by looking at the entire person — even the condition of the skin, eyes, and tongue. The treatments are 100% natural in that they use compounds that occur in nature, and work with the body as it currently presents. Side effects are minimal. Bringing multiple body “systems” into harmony (such as for example, liver/spleen functions) potentially treats the root cause of the condition, and not merely the symptoms. Positive effects of the treatment tend to persist longer, and are more satisfying. The body is brought back to health gently and slowly. Radical procedures (like surgery) are a last resort.

Why TCM Plus Clinic?

TCM practitioner Alan Chen is the end product of a healing, multi-generational, dynasty that is well recognized in China. Chen has worked hard to streamline all the various steps in the TCM process. Chen personally imports hard-to-find herbs from all around the world. Where other, less modern, practitioners might insist that their patients spend hours each day boiling and reboiling herbs into a tea, Chen has perfected a process which delivers the remedy in a ready-to-swallow pill form. Chen customizes each therapy to the specific needs of the patient. His arsenal is large and, if needed, he can incorporate other therapies (like acupuncture or diet) into the healing regimen. Chen has been practising in Canada for over 15 years, and has consistently demonstrated the ability to help those that the western system has disappointed.

Benefits of Chinese Medicine

There is a saying – Health is Wealth and its holds true in this fast paced and cutthroat competitive world. People today are so busy that they have virtually disregarded their health. The physical and mental wellbeing is no longer a priority for anyone. All this has resulted in billions of people suffering from life threatening and incurable diseases like diabetes, cancer, tumor, etc. Furthermore, people do not think twice before popping a pill. And most of these un-prescribed medicines do more harm than good. Their side effects have long-lasting impressions. Therefore, it is important that people pause and think about their health, think about the forms of medication that offer lasting solutions and think about health living. Having said this, there is no better medication than traditional Chinese medicines. These medicines have withstood the test of time and made their names globally. The Chinese herbal medicine clinic in Toronto is a one stop solution for all medical needs.

Zheng Chen

Your Practitioner & Acupuncturist Zheng (Alan) Chen

The TCM practitioner employs various natural tools such as herbs, acupuncture, and energy-based therapies to diagnose and treat holistically. The approach considers the entire person, including skin, eyes, and tongue. Treatments are 100% natural, minimizing side effects, and aim to harmonize body systems for long-lasting, satisfying results. The focus is on gently and slowly restoring health, with radical procedures as a last resort.

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Health Services

TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen’s specializes in treating the following diseases such as, (Qi) Chi, Abdominal, Bloating, Acid Reflux, Alzheimer’s Disease, Anxiety and much more.

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Our Treatments

Our TCM physicians have experience with tens of thousands of patients and can assist you in a proper diagnosis and treatment program.

Google Reviews

Life-Changing Experience with Dr. Chen’s Natural Medicine I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Natural path Dr. Chen and trying his natural medicines, and I must say, the experience has been nothing short of transformative. As someone who has always been a bit skeptical about natural remedies, I was pleasantly surprised by the results.


Dr.Chen is experienced in treating patients with Chinese medicine. I was skeptical at first, but later I found I had no side effects by taking the medication he prescribed. In two weeks, I felt more energetic and body gradually transitioned to positive direction. I’d recommend to anyone who is experiencing some sort of chronic illness with no positive results from current medical treatment.


The medication provided really helped me with my digestive issues and stomach ulcer. I’m surprised by how potent and effective the medication was and I felt a difference just after 5 days. I felt that dr Chan explained things really well in a way that I could understand as I don’t speak Chinese. I would definitely recommend others to see him.


I used to not trusting Chinese medicine that much but this place gave me different understanding about it. Indeed the medicine will work best when we also do our part to maximum the effectiveness. In my second month of the treatment, so far it has been working well and notice some improvement. Hopefully it will maintain well without the medicine after the treatment. I would recommend this place for a try if you haven’t already 🙂


Dr. Chen is very knowledgeable in providing advice on my issues I had presented. After 1 month of treatment I had felt a difference and continued to improve. I had come back for a second treatment.


I came here to treat thick tongue coating, Kidney yin deficiency, and some other health issues. After three months of treatment, I am feeling stronger and healthier than before. For instance, my sleeping gets better, and l lost almost 10 pounds. Thanks, Dr. Chen for his service.


I strongly recommend Dr. Chen to anyone in search of a healthcare provider. Dr. Chen is an outstanding medical professional who practices a holistic method of healing, utilizing the potency of natural herbs to treat various ailments. Their attentive approach involves carefully listening to our concerns and dedicating ample time to explain and understand the problems. I have experienced significant improvements in health conditions under Dr. Chen’s care.


Dr. Chen’s expertise in Chinese medicine is evident from the thoroughness of his assessment to the precision of his treatment recommendations. He took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and carefully explained his diagnosis and proposed treatment plan in a way that was easy to understand. What truly sets Dr. Chen apart is his holistic approach to healing. He doesn’t just focus on treating the symptoms but addresses the root cause of the issue, emphasizing overall well-being and balance. His treatments incorporate a blend of acupuncture, herbal remedies, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to suit individual needs.
Overall a great experience!


My 10yr old daughter has been suffering from eczema for several years now where her skin is constantly bleeding because its so itchy. We’ve tried various methods and saw a few different type of doctors but nothing seemed to help. We went to see Dr.Chen at TCM Plus. He was very patient and took the time to explain the root cause and reasoning behind the skin issue. He helped me understand the type of diet my daughter needs and what food to avoid. We were prescribed some herbal medicine and herbal soap. After a few weeks, we saw great improvement to her skin. I would highly recommend others to Dr. Chen. Unlike some of the doctors out there, he cares and genuinely wants to help patients heal.Overall a great experience!


After a lot of research I found tcmplus online. I have had athritis for a long time now and the pain was so bad sometimes that I could not function well. Some days I could not even walk. The swelling on my feet caused me to have to buy bigger sizes in shoes just to be comfortable. I had a visit with Alan and used everything he recommended. It’s been two months since I first saw him and the swelling has gone down considerably and also the pain is nowhere near what it was before. Tcmplus is definitely my recommendation.



What conditions can Traditional Chinese Medicine treat?

The beauty and grace of TCM is that all disease and ill-health is believed to be based on the very same combinations of imbalances within the Vital Force of the body. All imbalances are capable of being corrected. Correct the imbalance, correct the disease.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is based on proven science which can confirm, by measuring skin resistance with electrical equipment, that there exist identifiable “energy meridians” within the body. By identifying the imbalanced meridian(s), and either adding or subtracting “chi,” balance and good health can be restored.

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine safe?

 TCM uses natural herbs, and works in harmony with the systems of the body as they currently present. While any therapy presents challenges, the holistic nature of TCM, and the avoidance of radical steps like surgery, make it one of the safest modalities of therapy available today.


How long does it take to see results with Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TCM therapy is both a journey and a destination. Working with your Practitioner, you should see ongoing results which will be scrutinized as you progress. Interim changes may be made in dosage or diet. Ultimately both patient and Practitioner work together as a team. Normally patient will see the improvement after few days. Chronic disease will take longer to see the result.


Do you accept insurance for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments?

Generally, insurance may be available, depending on the coverage of the patient, for only the acupuncture portion of the treatment, if applicable.



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