About TCM Plus Clinic

TCMPLUS+ is a Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture clinic operated by Zheng Chen (Ontario-registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Zheng Chen has been active in TCM for more than 15 years in Toronto and treated thousands of clients for all manner of complaints.

Zheng Chen has treated: Type2- diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, impotence, premature ejaculation, low energy, cancer, tumors, gallstones, kidney stones, stroke, depression, anxiety, gout, prostatitis, spinal disc herniation, and chronic colitis. Remember that TCM, over many centuries, was the original wellspring of ”natural” remedies, treating the causes and not merely symptoms. Zheng Chen believes that ethics, honesty, and skill are the basis for a successful practice and successful treatment.

We have one location only in Richmond Hill, Ontario. TCM treatment of each patient is different depending on condition, diagnosis, treatment regimen, and rate of herbal absorption. Accuracy and effectiveness are our aims. Evidence-based results are sought, with ongoing patient updates during the full course of treatment. Even so-called “incurable” conditions have been seen to respond to TCM!

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