Abdominal Bloating

About Abdominal Bloating?

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Abdominal Bloating is a common, but hard to treat, condition for many patients. Alan Chen has discovered this problem affects not only adults but is very common with children and even teenagers. This condition can cause some patients to experience chest pressure, loss of appetite, stomach pain, lower stomach pain, bloat, and a false sense of fullness after even the smallest meal.

As with all TCM practices, Alan Chen initially identifies the causes rather than the symptoms. After a successful treatment program, symptoms disappear and patients can enjoy normal meals and put weight back on.

Many patients are sent for imaging or related tests to identify organic problems, when the real culprit is usually an internal issue that will not show up on an X-ray or CT scan! A correct course of TCM herbals can often solve these issues in a short amount of time.

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