About Tumors

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tumor can be defined as the group of abnormal cells that form lump. They can start in any part of body through any of the trillion cells that exist in human body. There are 3 different forms of Tumor depending on their growth and behavior. This includes –

  • Malignant tumor commonly known as cancerous tumor. These are by far the most dangerous form of tumors.

  • Benign or non-cancerous tumor – Unlike cancerous tumors, they remain in one part of the body and usually do not spread. They also do not reoccur once removed

  • Precancerous tumors – This is the 3rd type of tumor which needs immediate attention post diagnosis. They can develop into cancer if the treatment isn’t started on time

Out of all the tumors diagnosed till date, brain tumor is the most dangerous form and needs utmost care and precaution once diagnosed. This disease has gripped the world like Cancer and its statistics are overwhelmingly menacing. In Canada alone, more than 20 individuals are diagnosed with this disease each day. It is further estimated that nearly 50 thousand Canadians are surviving with this disease. It is therefore important that people do not limit their tumor treatment options to modern western medicines and should steadfastly expand their horizon to include other brain tumor treatment options such as natural or herbal Chinese medicines.

TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen possess years of experience in treating patients with tumor conditions of varied levels. They are experts in brain tumor treatment without surgery. The TCM practitioners deploy both internal as well as external Chinese medicines to regulate the balance of yin and yang. This is done in order to remove harmful toxins that would have developed due to radiation and other related therapies. Upon the successful completion of treatment the correct viscera function is restored in patient’s body.

The use of traditional Chinese medicines not only expands the brain tumor treatment options but also ensures that patients:

  • Have an alternative mode of medication such as brain tumor treatment without surgery

  • Do not have to worry about the 120 plus different kind of brain tumor diseases and their respective medications, since this is all done by TCM Practitioner’s

  • Have access to customized medication

  • Can get detailed advice on life style, diet, physical activities, etc.

Nevertheless, the successful treatment of brain and other forms of tumor is directly correlated to the quantum of adherence by patients to TCM’s medical specialist advice and guidelines. Having said this, the disease is certainly treatable and its positive effects are visible within weeks and months of initiating Chinese medications. What’s more, with TCM the patients do not have to worry about side effects!

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