Candida & Yeast Infection

About Candida & Yeast Infection

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Candida is a type of fungus called yeast that lives in human body. The yeast exist in several parts of body namely month, skin, belly, vagina, underarms, etc. In general these do cause much harm however, in certain conditions they multiple very fast and can be life threatening. While most of these can be treated with prescribed medicines, it must be noted that their re-occurrence is also equally frequent. Thus, practitioners have been advising patients to opt for Candidiasis Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Chinese herbs for yeast infection are natural medicines with little to no side effects. Furthermore, these medicines are –

  • Cost effective

  • Have lasting impact

  • Can be customized as per patient’s condition, etc.

And when it comes to Candida Yeast Infection care there is no better alternative than TCM Candida treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicinal practitioners with their years of experience are hands on treating this condition. It ensures that:

  • Patients undergo complete diagnosis

  • Disease is eradicated in totality

  • Complete post procedural follow up to prevent this infection from re-occurring, etc.

Chinese medicine diet for yeast overgrowth is effective in all forms of Candida Yeast Infection. This includes.

  • Thrush – This infection is caused when Candida Yeast spreads in throat and mouth. It mainly affects people with weak immunity undergoing treatment for some major disease such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, etc. It also affects newborns.

  • Genital Infection – Commonly known as Genital Candidiasis, this infection occurs in both male and female. However, it is more common in females with nearly 75 percent of them getting infected with Candida Yeast Infection at least once in their life time. This occurs when too much fungus grows in the vaginal region. Nevertheless, Candidiasis Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine can help to completely cure Genital Infection. These medicines start showing the positive results within weeks of initiating the treatment and extremely effective from the long term perspective.

The other causes of Genital Candidiasis include weak immune system, pregnancy, lubricants and also side effects due to some English medicines. Experts thus advise to opt for natural or Chinese herbs for yeast infection cure as these medicines cause no side effects in medium to long term. Furthermore, this infection can be sexually transmitted and hence, it is advisable that patients take utmost precaution when indulging in sexual activities with their partners.

  • Invasive Infection – This is one of the most dangerous and life threatening forms of Candidiasis infections. It can occur if the yeast enter the blood stream through medical equipment and travel to any core part of the body – eyes, blood, brain, lever, heart, digestive system, urinary tract, etc.

Nonetheless, all forms of Candida Yeast Infection can be treated trough Traditional Chinese Medicines. Having said this, patients are advised to adhere to medications as prescribed and adhere to guidelines issued by TCM practitioners for effective, fast and lasting results.

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