Sexual Dysfunction

About Sexual Dysfunction

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sexual dysfunction is a result of physical and psychological malfunctions. Even though this symptom has always existed, it has only come to the limelight post millennium generation. It has affected people of all age groups – teenage, adults, seniors, middle aged group and those in their 60s and both genders – male as well as female. The rising technological advancements have meant that people these days are always surrounded by one or the other gadget in the form of mobile phones, laptops, PCs, television sets, routers, switch, etc. These gadgets and electronic emit radiation which affects physiological well-being to large extent. The younger generation today is unable to switch off from work which has led to several physiological and physical disorders such as premature ejaculation, depression and stress in males and lack of sexual desires in females. This has led to common question in people’s mind can ed be cured?

How We Can Help

The sexual well-being is dependent on several factors such as healthy body – a combination of nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive system, stable mind set and above all a balanced life style. However, not many understand this phenomenon resulting in marriage breakdowns, inability to conceive, loss of confidence, etc. Nonetheless, the sexual dysfunction can be cured by means of natural and herbal medicines by TCM. TCMPLUS INC. has host of medicines in its product portfolio which includes but is not limited to Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction, medicines to cure impotency, premature ejaculation, etc. This is not all, the use of Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction means that the patients do not have to worry about the medical side effects which usually occurs in case of some un-prescribed western medicines. Additionally, with TCM patients do not have to worry about how to cure ed permanently? TCM medication has a proven track record in treating sexual dysfunction and patients across the globe are testimony to this fact.

The sexual dysfunction is not merely a disease related to organ malfunction but has a holistic background which is a result of mental fatigue, continuous stress, nervous breakdown, etc. It is therefore important that proper form of medication should be adhered to, to cure this disease. All sexual diseases can be cured provided patients follow the advice of medical experts from renowned natural practitioners such as TCM. Most people today are surrounded with multiple doubts related to sexual diseases and the foremost this list is how to cure erectile dysfunction permanently? The answer to this question is simple and can be answered by patients themselves by asking few more questions in the following chronological order –

  • Do they need permanent solution? If the answer here is yes, then they should opt for lasting Chinese herbs as against some quick fix medicines.

  • Do they need customized medication? If the reply is in affirmative, they need to look no further than TCMPLUS INC. which does not rely on aphrodisiacs or supplements for quick fix. Instead the TCM prescribes Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction that are customized to meet individual needs.

  • Do they have severe condition? If yes, then TCM’s natural medication is the way forward.

  • Do they need first results? Most patients in early stages who have been treated by TCM have experienced improvement in their sexual life within 1 to 3 months of treatments. Having said this, patients with deep history may require longer medications.

With TCM, patients of sexual dysfunction are assured of desired results in medium to long term provided they adhere to medications, guidance and healthy lifestyle as prescribed by TCM practitioners.

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