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About Gall Bladder Issues

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Also known as Cholelithiasis, Gallbladder stones are solid lumps of pigment materials or cholesterol crystals formed in the gallbladder. They are formed when the fatty components such as cholesterol are not dissolved in bile. These constituents accumulate to form solid crystals. Furthermore, there are different types of gallbladder stones and their symptoms vary.

Gallbladder stones symptoms include abdominal pain, liver inflammation, pancreatic issues and jaundice in some cases. The ailment is fast spreading and people of all age group are contracting it. As per one of the surveys in leading web portal, women between the age group of 19 to 61 years are 3 times more likely to develop Gallbladder stones. The disease is also fast moving towards being categorized as dangerous since 80 percent people show no symptoms till it has reached the aggravated stage. Cholelithiasis treatments are mostly surgical. However with TCM, gallbladder stones treatment without operation is possible. TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen possesses 5 years of medical experience in treating all kinds of gallbladder stone or Cholelithiasis treatment. These practitioners make use of traditional Chinese medicines that have stood the test of time.

How We Can Help

The gall bladder issue can be both acute and chronic. The chances of gallbladder stones are more in women with multiple pregnancies. Its prevalence increases with age and obesity. The cases of gall bladder stones occur in approximately 10 percent of Canadian males and nearly 20 percent females by the age of 60. Owing to these numbers, it is essential that the citizens in developed nations like Canada and US should look at alternative means of treatment. The gallbladder pain relief and treatment is both possible by means of natural and herbal Chinese medications.

TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen has a designated treatment procedure that is designed to clean out stones from patients’ body. In brief, it is very much possible to remove gallstones naturally. The advancement in natural medication and newer discoveries of traditional Chinese medicines has meant that gall bladder stone removal without surgery is very much a doable procedure. The patients can reach out to TCM team at or can call them through the phone numbers mentioned in TCM website.

Benefits offered by TCM

  • Natural gallbladder pain relief

  • Gall bladder stone removal without surgery and with minimal or no pain

  • Fast results – patients who follow the protocol religiously see that the stones are excreted in bowel movements within few weeks of treatment

  • Patients can soon resume normal lifestyle as they no longer feel fatigued

Gall bladder stones if untreated could become a major issue and can hinder normal life. It is therefore, important that people remain vigilant to not only look at the possible symptoms but also explore better means of medications such as TCM for healthy living. After all for TCM, patients’ wellbeing is of utmost importance!

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