Hyperlipidemia (Cholesterol & Triglyceride)

About Hyperlipidemia

TCM Treatment for High Cholesterol

Hyperlipidemia is a medical condition which refers to increased fats or lipids in blood. The increased proportion of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood increases the risk of blockage. This could have one or more of the below symptoms depending upon the magnitude of blockage –

  • Reduced supply of blood in heart

  • Blood vessel blockage in brain

  • Swelling of pancreas or liver

 Very high levels of cholesterol can even lead to severe chest pain, stroke, pancreatic disorder or heart attack. Thus, it is best to start hyperlipidemia treatment from the initial stage itself. Hyperlipidemia basically consists of triglyceride and cholesterol. Though their causes and cures vary at granular level, they broadly have the same symptoms. There are several forms of triglyceride medication which includes natural or herbal traditional Chinese medicines or western treatments. However, it is best to opt for natural medication as compared to other forms of medicines due to its effectiveness and lasting effects on human body. Furthermore, these prescriptions do not have any side effects either. These medicines also work best for lipedema treatment.


The Hyperlipidemia could be caused due to –

  • Hereditary factors – These are one of prominent reasons for high cholesterol. Therefore, such people must be extra cautions when it comes to their diet and life style. They must undertake regular blood test to check any anomalies and take precautionary measures accordingly. Traditional Chinese medicine for high cholesterol from TCM practitioner Zheng Chen work best in such conditions. In fact, TCM practitioners are so experienced in treating this disease that they can do the diagnosis by ‘pulse checking’ which forms the basis for elevated triglycerides treatment.

  • Drugs such as protease inhibitors, estrogen, beta blockers, etc. – These drugs could also lead to hyperlipidemia. Hence, it is advisable to avoid excessive western medications. Most of these medicines if taken without prescription could lead to extreme complications. It therefore works well if patients opt for Chinese medicine for high cholesterol from initial stage itself. The goal of these medications is to get rid of the disease before the complication sets in.

  • Other causes of this disease include obesity, steroid usage, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, chronic renal failure, un-prescribed contraceptives.


Having said this, hyperlipidemia is not incurable and it can be cured by –

  • Changing the lifestyle

  • Cutting down on weight

  • Quitting smoking

  • Reducing alcohol intake

  • Avoiding excessive exposure to pollution and

  • Exercising

The combination of disciplined lifestyle and adherence to medications prescribed by TCM can go a long way in Hyperlipidemia treatment and preventing its re-occurrence.

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