About Infertility

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

The media make it clear that it is becoming more and more difficult these days to get pregnant.

What causes female infertility? The experts say perhaps hormonal imbalance. A tumor or cyst. Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Alcohol or drug use. Thyroid gland problems. Excess weight. Stress. Intense exercise triggering a significant loss of body fat.

Alan Chen believes that with infertility there is an additional factor not being considered.

The diet today for most women is a challenge. Cold food like ice cream, cold drinks, salads, entrees — according to TCM these could be an unidentified co-factor. Alan also found that stress, junk food, sleep issues, and a lack of “downtime” could put the body into an imbalanced state.

Diet has to be fixed. Lifestyle changes are needed. Immune systems boosted. Energy lifted.

Herbals can make a major difference!

First, we pinpoint the causes. And then we design a treatment program.

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