Injury Recovery

About Injury Recovery

Treatment with TCM & Acupuncture

Acupuncture is very popular for healing from car accidents, injury, and other damage to your body, but the results are limited. Alan Chen found acupuncture is most effective when the trauma is recent, where it could help with pain, headache, or motor-function problems. But for serious injuries or accidents, or chronic complaints, acupuncture is not enough!

Alan Chen uses simultaneous strategies to help injury recovery.

First Aid is a herbal treatment invented by Alan Chen, it helps the body target the place of injury — such as brain, body, joint or muscle — to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. This allows the patient faster healing and, in the most situations, it will also help the pain and speed up the recovery.

Alan Chen also has First Aid external-use cream, and there are 2 types to select from. One for recent trauma, the other for long-term Injury sequelae (leftover symptoms).

It’s sometimes hard to believe that herbals could help us so much, but if you understood how body functions work, then be assured there is always a solution.

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