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Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

In simple terms, joint pain can be defined as the pain either due to soreness, aches or discomfort in body joints. Joint pain can also be due to past medical history, injury, accident or illness and affects people from all genders, races and ages. However, joint pain at nascent stage can be treated by consuming pain killers. Having said this, most pain killers have some side effects and it is therefore, advisable to opt for TCM joint pain medications. Traditional Chinese medicines are herbs that have lasting impacts. These medicines do not have any side effects either and generally show results within few weeks of initiating treatment.

Chinese herbs for knee pain treatment are a tried and tested form of medication. These medicines have treated patients across the globe including Asian countries, Canada, etc. TCM have a proven track record of treating patients with mild to acute joint pains. Furthermore, Chinese herbs for knee pain are cost effective which means patients from all parts of life can easily afford these without having to break their bank balance. These medicines can also be customized based on individual patient history. TCMPLUS practitioners initiate the joint pain treatment only after detailed diagnosis and finding its root cause.

One of the most common causes of this disease is arthritis. The number of people affected from arthritis is constantly on the rise. The risk of this disease is especially high in western countries like Canada where more than 4 million people suffer from different type of arthritis – rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, etc. This is not all; arthritis is amongst the 3 chronic diseases in Canada and affects 1 out of 6 Canadians. Considering the acute nature of this disease it is best to go for Chinese medicine for arthritis.

Arthritis Chinese medicine not only treats the present condition but also helps prevents it from re-occurring. Nevertheless, it must be noted that joint pain re-occurrence is common and is especially true for elderly. Thus, it is recommended that patients adhere to all prerequisite as laid down by TCM practitioners for effective results. This includes but is not limited to diet, exercise, life style changes, etc.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the most discomforting form of all joint pains. It is thus imperative for people to gauge for its symptoms at the nascent stage itself and start the treatment at the right time. Here again, Chinese herbal medicine rheumatoid arthritis treatment shows desired positive results within some weeks to months of initiating the cure. The treatment mostly focusses on 3 fronts, which includes –

  • Getting rid of pain and inflammation

  • Avoiding the flare up or worsening

  • Preventing the condition from re-occurring in future by way of post treatment procedures

Thus, it is safe to say – think joint pain cure, think TCM!

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