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Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine means a life force essential to lead a happy life. Qi is important for a person to lead a settled, content and a fit life. Its deficiency may lead to illness, pain and prolonged sufferings. TCM chi qi gets to the root cause of this issue and is a guiding principal on how to lead a healthy life filled with mental and physical well-being.

The modern life style lays emphasis only on physical health. However, there is mental deterioration everywhere. Youngsters across the globe are suffering from stress, migraine, headache and depression. These figures are increasing by the day and the situation is even grimmer in developed nations such as The United States of America, Canada, Australia, etc. The rising competition, desire to succeed at all cost and pressure to be number one in professional front has meant that large number of people are suffering from Qi deficiency. Qi in Chinese medicine is a form of life force which takes into account several parameters – symptoms, diagnosis and treatment to overcome this menace to mankind.

TCM Chi Qi Phases

TCM chi qi does the complete diagnosis before initiating the treatments. Its phases include.

    Causes of Qi deficiency

    There are several reasons for qi deficiency ranging from genetic build up to physical, mental or emotional issues. It could also be due to hormonal imbalance, acute stress, lack of sleep, exposure to air or water pollution.


      The next step in this process is treatment. TCMPLUS practitioners with their years of experience in treating qi deficiency take into account all aspects before initiating the treatment. Once this is done, the customized treatment starts which includes.

      • Traditional Chinese herbs – These are effective, efficient and have no side effects
      • Nutritional therapy – This includes complete overall or modification of eating habits, diet plan, elimination of some foods, etc.
      • Exercise
      • Lifestyle changes, etc.

      In summary, with TCM, patients are assured of lasting and effective Qi (Chi) treatment.


      While most of the causes for qi deficiency seem very common and are part of daily life, it is imperative to look for the symptoms in order to avoid acute qi. The treatment of Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine may also take some time to show results if the condition has worsened. Hence, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners advise patients to closely watch for the symptoms of this disease and opt for treatment either in nascent or mid stage for quick and effective results. Some of the evident symptoms of this disease are as follows.

      • Acute weakness

      • Anemia

      • Indigestion

      • Excess sweating

      • Asthma

      • Palpitation

      • Selective memory loss

      • Constant knee or back pain

      • Dry skin

      • Anxiety, etc.

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