Lumbar Disc Herniation

About Lumbar Disc Herniation

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Commonly known as spinal disc herniation, herniated disc mostly occurs in lower back. Lumbar disc herniation occurs when soft center of spinal disc drives through a crack in harder external casing. It’s a most common disease affecting people of all age groups. It affects both men and women. As per the recent survey conducted by leading medical centers, spinal disc herniation has affected nearly 100 million plus people globally. This is not all; the vast percentages of people seeking herniated disc relief reside in developed countries like the Canada and The United States of America. The disease if not treated at nascent stage can turn out to be a chronic issue.

Common Symptoms

Back pain

Herniated disc treatment lower back is one of the most common symptoms of spinal disc herniation. It can be defined as sore, throbbing, hurting or dull in some cases.

Nerve pain

This is most noticeable in patients seeking herniated disc cure. People suffering from early stages of nerve pain can be cured with the use of traditional Chinese medicines. Other conditions associated with this disease include leg pain, neurological issues, etc.

Even though, patients can get herniated disc relief to a good extent through western medications or surgery, it is advisable to go for either physiotherapy or natural or herbal medicines. This is because the herbal or traditional Chinese medicines from TCMPLUS INC. do not have any side effects. TCM Practitioner Zheng Chen with decades of hard work and usage of Chinese medicines has finally found an active treatment for lumbar disc herniation. TCM’s lumbar disc herniation treatment stands out due to following reasons:

  • Aims to strengthen patients physiology for lasting results

  • Takes into perspective both internal as well as external treatment

  • Offers customized treatment depending on patients requirement

  • Most patients report low back pain within 4 to 5 weeks of treatment

  • Patients who are at an early phase seeking herniated disc relief will experience no pain within 1 to 3 months of treatment

  • Helps to get rid of western medication

Having said this, it must be noted that lumbar disc herniation is very difficult to cure completely. Therefore, patients have to exercise caution and adhere to all medicines, exercises and life style changes recommended by TCM Practitioners. One must also take into account that this condition can be cured to a large extent with patience and continuous treatment. The keyword here is ‘patience’. Nonetheless with TCM, patients can be rest assured of best possible medication and improvement on their prevailing condition.

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