Over Watching

About Over Watching

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Alan Chen named this condition himself and it is very common today. He says: “Our bodies have never been taxed so much to stoop over computer screens, phone screens, and video games.”

Remember, he says, everything you do each day will expend some type of ‘energy’ from your body. Lose too much energy and you have disease instead.

The symptoms of “over watching” are: weak muscles, excessive dreaming, night sweats especially around the neck & back, morning fatigue, insomnia, hyperactivity, and erratic sleep.

Also sweaty palms, hot hands, fast pulse, and mood swings.

Alan Chen has helped hundreds of patients overcome these problems. He uses herbals to recover the lost energy for these people, and most of them feel better in as little as a week. Usually a complete recovery is possible in less than two months. Always take a break when on your device! Herbal medicine can help you, but it can’t change you.

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