Sleep Disorder

About Sleep Disorder

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

The term “sleep disorder” refers to conditions that affect sleep quality, timing, or duration; and also impact a person’s ability to properly function while they are awake. These disorders can contribute to other medical problems, and some may also be symptoms of underlying mental health issues.

Sleep Disorder includes all forms of insomnia, interrupted sleep, troubled sleep, and poor quality sleep. Sleep Disorder also includes: fitful and intermittent sleep, night sweats, insomnia, hyper-attention to sounds or distractions, erratic sleep patterns, mid-day drowsiness, and low energy in the morning. Failure to deal with the problem may trigger other more complex health conditions.

Alan Chen believes sleep issues to be one of the biggest challenges for health professionals today. He believes hyperactivity, stress, fearfulness, fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, depression, and other related causes trigger the condition.

There is no “magic pill” to fix this. Sleeping pills from the pharmacy are short term solutions and, longer term, make the condition worse. You need a treatment to rebalance the causes of the underlying health conditions. In that way you will be able to sleep without a pill, and you will wake up fully energized. That’s the only true solution for sleep disorder patients.

Full treatment takes 1-2 months, but most patients feel better in a week.

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