Stress Disorder

About Stress Disorder

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Treatment

Stress Disorder is very common in Alan Chen’s clinic. Some patients get stressed from their work, family, study, social interactions, and money issues. Alan has found that sometimes stress is genetic and runs in the family!

The manifestations are not always the same but the underlying problem is.

Women more than men are stress-prone. Stress can be triggered by an argument, even about trivial matters.

Sometimes society itself is the cause, people have a sense of helplessness, of not being heard.

Irritability itself is not stress, it is rather a warning sign. Insomnia also.

Having too many dreams in one sleep cycle is another indication.

TCM tells us that stress causes a body to contain too much “heat” which then leads to a variety of possible medical conditions. Many professionals treat these conditions individually when the core cause — stress — is the real villain.

The Chinese culture has literally had thousands of years to work with the challenge of stress and identify herbals to rebalance the body and the nervous system — and restore balanced, calm energy.

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