Tourette’s Syndrome/Tics

About Tourette’s Syndrome/Tics

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tourette’s syndrome is a condition that affects the brain and nerves, causing people to make repeated movements and sounds — also known as motor and vocal tics — which they cannot control. The symptoms usually begin in childhood, can vary from mild to severe, and change over time.

This is an uncommon condition that Alan has been treating successfully for the past 10 years. Alan believes this condition is related to nervous pathways inside the body that are short-circuiting. Many parents do not understand this condition. Parents for example may believe that a child with this problem is at fault in some way. This is not correct. Alan would use herbals to help young people improve nerve connections along their internal systems.

Parents need to be understanding. Children with this condition are already very stressed.

After 1-2 week’s treatment, most patients should see a huge reduction in tics and movements. Happier patients too!

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