Uterus Prolapse

About Uterus Prolapse

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Uterus Prolapse is a medical condition that affects nearly 50 percent women. It occurs when ligaments and pelvic muscles stretch and weaken. In simple terms, Uterus Prolapse occurs when uterus slips from its normal positon into the birth canal – vagina. This disorder can be either incomplete or complete. An incomplete Uterus Prolapse can be defined as the condition in which uterus partly slips down into vagina while the complete prolapse occurs when the uterus falls so far down that some tissues project out of vagina. Considering the acute and dreaded nature of this disease, medical practitioners advise patients to be vigilant and watchful about this condition. The Chinese Herbal Treatment for uterus prolapse work best for moderate to severe condition. However, the time taken to treat the disorder could differ depending on the condition and stage of an individual patient.

TCM for uterus prolapse are preferred by patients across the globe from Asia, Africa to developed nations like Canada and The USA. This is because these medicines make use of natural herbs that do not cause any side effects, have lasting positive impact, are efficient as well as cost effective. The other reason why Chinese herbs for prolapse are most preferred is because they have a proven track record of curing patients with this condition.


While, English medication resorts to surgery in many cases, there is no such compulsion when it comes to TCM for uterus prolapse. Traditional Chinese medicines lay emphasis on natural treatment, rehabilitation, physical training, exercise, diet alteration; change in lifestyle, etc. which helps cure this disease from its root. The other reason as to why women prefer Chinese remedies for uterus prolapse is due to lack of interest shown by other genres of medication towards this disease. The western medicines have so far been focusing mostly on heart diseases, cancer, HIV, etc. and thereby ignoring the menace of uterus prolapse.

Nevertheless, through TCMPLUS, patients have found an excellent alternative to treat uterus prolapse. TCM practitioners do the complete diagnosis of this condition to identify the root cause of the disease. In general, its symptoms include –

  • Increased discharge

  • Excessive vaginal bleeding

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

  • Constipation
  • Restlessness
  • Body ache
  • Sleeplessness, etc.


Once the diagnosis is complete, TCM practitioners initiate the Natural treatment for uterus prolapse. This includes –

  • Customized herbs based on individual severity level

  • Weight loss program

  • Tailored made diet plans

  • Complete list of dos and don’ts

  • Vaginal exercise

  • Post procedural follow ups, etc.

With TCM, patients can be assured of best treatment at all times without having to worry about burning holes in their pocket. For TCMPLUS believes that there is no better service to mankind than enabling them to lead a happy, healthy and content life.


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